Same Ad, Different User, Different Content

The Future of Advertising Is Tech Enabled

Dynamic Ads

Beautiful Dynamic Creatives for Your Products

Our proprietary ad technology enables the dynamization of rich media content for Display ads and DOOH ads in order to personalize the communication with the target group.

The goal:  Improving the relevance of your ads to create a stronger brand advertising impact. 

What Can Be Dynamic

Endless Possibilities

Privacy First: All solutions are implemented in full compliance with all applicable privacy laws.

Products and Services

Personalize the products and services that are recommended to users according to their interests.


Depending on the affinities and interests of the users, different assets like videos & images can be shown for more relevance.


1 message doesn't fit all! Personalize the message being shown in the ads. From head­lines to CTAs, all texts can be dynamic.


We can integrate maps in the ads in order to show the user your next store near them, depending on the location where they currently are.


The weather can change pretty fast and so can our ads. Our dynamic ads can quickly adapt to changes like good or bad weather.

Day and Time

You want to activate your users with different messages at specific times of the day or a specific day of the week? No problem!

What Dynamic Ads Can Do for You

Advantages of Dynamic Ads

High Relevance

The creative will be individually adapted to the respective user.

Resource-saving Through Automation

A new creative is no longer needed for each target group.

High Flexibility

The creatives can be adapted to new circumstances in real time.

Types of Service

Dynamic Ads for Your Business

Shared Service

Licensing of the technology with implementation from our Ad Server into your existing setup.

Managed Service

Complete setup and control by adlicious based on your instructions and in close coordination with you.

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